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SECIL - NHL 3.5 - (25kg bag)

  • SECIL - NHL 3.5 - (25kg bag)


SECIL - NHL 3.5 - 25kg bag

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SECIL Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL: 3.5 is a dry powdered lime binder in 25kg moisture resistant paper bags.

‘Hydraulic’ lime binders contain impurities and set underwater with a faster curing time & harder final strength as a modern & versatile alternative to traditional lime putty.

Classified as 'Moderately Hydraulic’ they are suitable for modern new-build applications for laying and pointing most brick, block & stonework, or external rendering onto some brick, stone, blocks & flint in moderate exposure.

Manufactured in Portugal by Secil Argamassas since 1891. These high quality Natural Hydraulic powdered Limes are suitable for all conditions offering a cost effective feebly, moderate & eminent product fully conforming to the British and European standard: BS EN459:2010.

Nb. Store in the dry and use within 6 months of purchase.