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Conservation Grade - Lime Mortar

  • Conservation Grade - Lime Mortar

Conservation - Lime Mortar

Conservation - Lime Mortar - 0/4mm

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Conservation - Lime Mortar - (25kg tub)
Conservation - Lime Mortar - (25kg bag)
Conservation - Lime Mortar - (40 x 25kg bags)
Conservation - Lime Mortar - (1000kg IBC)


Conservation Grade - Lime Mortar is a non-hydraulic, lime putty mortar mix with an aggregate range of 0/4mm. Hot-Mixed and matured onsite in Sussex using quality English lime and locally sourced sand and aggregates for maximum vernacular suitability and performance

Dried mortar is white/off-white in colour with a coarse/gritty texture.

Suitable for bedding/laying and pointing: brick, block, tiles, stone, slate, pavers and other traditional backgrounds.

Can also be used as a unhaired backing/floating coat plaster/render.